Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish® (non-rattle) 015; 5"; Fire Tiger

Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish® (non-rattle) 015; 5"; Fire Tiger

Manufacturer Description: There are two types of crankbaits in the world, those with a tight baitfish shimmy, and the Kwikfish. Kwikfish are full-throttle, wide-action, leave-no-doubt lures that challenge game fish small and large alike. Their aggressive action forces a response from fish, often generating the most savage strikes imaginable. Small sizes target trout, the middle range steelhead and silver salmon, and the largest king salmon and lunker lake trout. For maximum success, tune the screw eye on the face of the plug to achieve an even side-to-side action. Using small adjustments, turn the screw eye in the opposite direction that the lure is favoring, until it tracks straight. See Tech Sheet #561, Kwikfish for Chinook. Fine tune with screw eye located on the lip. Slow trolling action for medium to large size game fish. Round bend treble hooks.

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Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish® (non-rattle) 015; 5"; Fire Tiger

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