Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish® Xtreme 15X; 5"; Grinch

Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish® Xtreme 15X; 5"; Grinch

Manufacturer Description: To understand the Kwikfish Xtreme, you must first understand the origin of the original Kwikfish. During the period of its design, lure prototypes included laborious hand-made samples from which final designs were created. Imperfections, however slight, were a fact of life. Kwikfish Xtreme designs are born as a product of the latest manufacturing techniques. Featuring finely tuned body parts, the lure actions are precisely controlled. Kwikfish Xtremes dive deeper and run true at a wider range of speeds than their predecessors could ever accomplish. Trolled or back-trolled, Kwikfish Xtreme models offer trout, salmon, steelhead and walleye anglers the most advanced wide-action lure ever created. Fixed eyelets (not screw eyes). Loud rattle. Side-to-side body construction. Wide, searching action designed specifically for Salmon and Lake Trout. Round bend treble hooks.

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  • Price: $7.20 USD
  • Brand: Luhr-Jensen
  • GTIN #049762628855
  • Condition: new
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Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish® Xtreme 15X; 5"; Grinch

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